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BIM in India:

India is one of the fastest-growing economies and ACE sectors are predicted to have a huge boom. This will lead to challenges in delivering qualitative projects on time. BIM methodology is the essential solution that solves these critical issues as it offers effective planning, faster decision making, and innovative digital solutions. This will pave the way for rapid construction and prolonging the life cycle of the building. The demand for BIM technical experts in ACE sectors is set to rise in the near future. BIM online campus provides a great opportunity to develop our skills with international standards from anywhere.

Ar. Firdose Basha Ghouse
Econova Institute India
Master’s Advanced Architecture & BIM, Spain
Founder of WAR Architects
Chennai & Madrid
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Domótica en Eficiencia Energética

La Domótica y la eficiencia energética son conceptos que van de la mano en las nuevas edificaciones. Así también son términos que se complementan ya que la domótica es un medio para alcanzar la eficiencia energética.

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